How to engrave

Engraving a seed phrase onto your Hodlinox plates is very easy. Use a handheld engraver such as the Dremel 290 (sold on Amazon for $17).
Always engrave your seed phrase yourself; never ask anyone else to do this for you.


Step 1: Write down words with a permanent marker

Set up with a permanent marker

Permanent marker

Write your seed phrase on the plate(s) using a permanent marker.

  • Double plates: the first plate has a grid that’s numbered 1-12, the second plate is numbered 13-24.
  • Single plate: the front is numbered 1-12, the back is numbered 13-24.

Next, check your seed phrase to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes. 

Tip: because the first 4 letters of each word in your seed phrase are unique, you can also choose to engrave only the first 4 letters of each word onto the plates. You don’t necessarily need to put down the entire word.


Step 2: Engrave the seed phrase onto the metal plates

Trace with engraving pen

Engraving pen

Engrave the words onto the plates with an electric engraving pen, such as the Dremel 290 ($17 on Amazon).

This is very easy and engraving a 24-word seed phrase only takes about 10 minutes. Using an engraver is like writing with a large pen and it doesn’t require any special skills, practice or additional tools.

Not recommended:

  • Using a letter punch set. This requires much more skill and can deform the plates.
  • Using a battery-operated engraving pen. These pens have less power and their engravings are too superficial.

Important: Always test the recovery procedure of your wallet before transferring funds, to make sure everything works as it should.


Step 3: Lock plates together

Lock with security seal

Philips screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver

Double plate: Join both plates with the provided screw (tighten firmly) and cap the screw head with the security seal.

Single plate: No tools required. Just slide the plate into its case and hook the padlock seal through the hole in the plate. .

Store the unique code on the seal (or a photo of it) in a safe place, such as a password manager. Don’t store the seal serial number in the same location as your plates.

Hodlinox seals are tamper-evident, can only be used once, are numbered sequentially and can’t be removed without being damaged.

With the seal in place, you can allow trusted third parties to handle the plates on your behalf while you will always be able to ascertain that the seed phrase hasn’t been tampered with.

Store the plates somewhere safe (e.g. with a trusted family member) in a different geographical location than your hardware wallet.