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The Hodlinox single plate is double-sided with the front side numbered 1 to 12 and the back 13 to 24.

The case is a 3D print made of sturdy, non-flexible plastic and has an extremely tight fit. This makes it impossible for anyone with corrupt motives to bend the case in order to reveal (part of) the seed phrase, not even with a fiber optic camera.

Tamper-evident security seal included.

Default color is white; other colors cost slightly more and have a longer delivery time.

Dimensions (plate): 115x53x1.5mm (4.5×2.1×0.06inch)

Engraving pen not included (sold separately through 3rd party vendors). Hodlinox recommends the Dremel 290 which can be ordered online for about $25.

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White, Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple

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