Double pack


If you’re not sure which plate is best for you, simply order the double pack containing one of each.
Can be used with a handheld engraver or 5mm letter stamps.

Keep your seed phrase safe from water, fire, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and other disaster. Made from extra thick stainless steel and with tamper evident seal.

This set includes:

  • 1 single plate with case and padlock seal.
  • 1 set of interlocking plates with padlock seal.
  • Extra padlock seal for single plate with case.
  • Extra padlock seal for interlocking plates.
  • Permanent marker (to set up your seed phrase before engraving/stamping).

Default case color is black, other colors can be custom ordered but have a longer delivery time.

All our backup plates have been awarded the highest rating (AAAA) in Jameson Lopp’s Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Tests.

How to engrave your seed phrase in 10 minutes.

We only accept bitcoin payments (on-chain and Lightning).



Interlocking plates:
  • Material: stainless steel 316.
  • Melting point: 1460 ℃ / 2642 ℉.
  • Hole for optional padlock: 5mm (0.2″).
  • Dimensions: 120x58x7mm (4.7×2.3×0.28″).
  • Weight: 156gr (5.5oz).
Single plate:
  • Material: stainless steel 316.
  • Melting point: 1460 ℃ / 2642 ℉.
  • Dimensions: 115x53x3mm (5.5×2.1×0.12″).
  • Weight: 68gr (2.3oz).

Additional information

Case color

Any color, White, Black, Orange, Blue

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