Single plate (with optional case & seal)

The Hodlinox single plate is numbered on both sides and can be ordered with a stylish 3D printed plastic case.
Price without case: 24 euro or 39 euro with case and security seal.
We also have an all metal double plate version.


Stainless steel

Fire proof, water proof and resistant to various acids, the 316 stainless steel is virtually indestructible.
Both sides of the plate can be engraved, the front side is numbered 1-12 while the back is numbered 13-24.
How to engrave your seed phrase in 10 minutes.


3D printed case

The optional plastic case can be ordered in various colours (default is white). The tight fit will ensure that the plate can not fall out.


Security seal

The tamper evident security seal allows you to always ascertain that your seed phrase is uncompromised. It is not possible to remove the seal without damaging it.
Extra seals can be ordered from our store.