Double plate with security seal

The safest way by far to backup your seed phrase is with Hodlinox double plates. All parts are metal and thus fire proof.
Price: 69 euro including security seal.
We also have a basic single plate version.


Disaster proof

Fire, water or heavy abuse, there’s not much this set of plates can’t withstand. The stable construction does not contain breakable or otherwise vulnerable parts.
The top plate is numbered 1-12, the bottom plate 13-24.
How to engrave your seed phrase in 10 minutes.


Rugged and simple

Because the thick metal clamp on the bottom plate fits snugly inside the top plate, only a single, oversized stainless steel screw is needed to lock both plates together. Very simple but extremely effective.


Security seal

The tamper evident security seal allows you to always ascertain that your seed phrase is uncompromised. It is not possible to remove the seal without damaging it.
Extra seals can be ordered from our store.